The Alchemy of Light and Color

Color and light are present on every level of our lifeWhat do we really know about their features, aspects, meanings and influence on us? We love some special colors and hate the others.

We can easily observe that our preferences are changing in different periods of our lives. We notice it during art exhibitions, on various trade fairs with germ stones and minerals or sometimes just passing by colorful shopping windows. Our eyes will catch some particular colors and their shades. Why are we attracted by these colors? What is their influence on us at the present moment?

If these questions arise, it means that our internal wisdom is trying to establish a dialogue with our body and soul. The color could be not only the simplest but also the most beautiful tool for this internal conversation.

Russian psychologist Olga Yemielianova has developed a method to work with color and light on therapeutic purpose.

– The color is not an occasional thing for me. Developing this workshop, I’ve connected my education and technical, artistic and psychological knowledge and skills, built on many years of practice with my patients in the clinics. I have created my own method of therapy which I called “Alchemy of Light and Color”. Alchemy is a transformation. This kind of art therapy could be used by everyone who has been looking for help for themselves or their family, – Olga comments.

The color is both a physical and psychophysical event. Observing the color we can deeply understand the rules of our Universe which create and support the life. The rays of sunlight are changing constantly in endless scale of waves which we perceive as pallet of various colors. Each color has different influence on our mind and physiology. Each color has different qualities, features and vibration. Therefore, our consciousness and emotional state changes while working with them. Contemporary research allowed to understand why colors have such a profound influence on entire biological world. To change the consciousness, human nervous system creates new neural connections which change the frequency of nerve impulse. In this situation the picture of world around us changes, too. The Universe reflects our „new reality” as in the mirror.